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jaclyn the rock star
she can even play the piano

jaclyn in her favorite bouncey chair
I love my cuppa
Pink is my favorite color

I am hungry..I think I will eat my hand
hello, I was just thinking of doing something and then my mom saw me
Cheetos is my favorite snack

It is my birthday and I am the princess
I am french so french fries is my family food
don't I look cute in my two piece bikini and skirt..

hello grandma, what're you doing?
I love to have tea parties with jacob and Grandma
take me out to the ballgame

hello, this is jaclyn frank posing for the picture picture
Bath time
what are you looking at..

the pink girls
I can see you

jacob and Jaclyn, 2004 family picture
tummy time any one??
don't I look cute in hats..

hello mr duckie